About the program  

Two master programmes taught in English in School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China (http://impa.mparuc.edu.cn/default.asp)


Need to learn of the rapid development of China? Want to get a timing understanding of the new economic giant? Two master programmes, Master of Public Administration and Policy in Contemporary China (MPAC)and Master of Public Policy and Business Environment in Contemporary China (MPBC), are offered by the top school in public administration in China at Renmin University in Beijing.

The two graduate programmes, MPAC and MPBC, originated from the school’s previous IMPA (International Master of Public Administration and Policy), are designed specially for foreign applicants who need to or expect to work on jobs related to China issues. The programmes are arranged with full time and part time study plans and conducted in Beijing, Suzhou campus and other cities. The teaching faculty consists of most experienced professors with both China and Western education backgrounds from RenminUniversity, other best universities in China and other countries. Scholarships are available and tuitions are affordable.